Frequently Asked Questions - About Booking

This section of the site is here to help answer some questions you may have about making a glamping booking.

Q: How do I make a booking?
A: Once you have checked availability, to make a booking you can complete our online reservation request form and let us know a convenient time to call to process your deposit to confirm your reservation. Alternatively from the same page you can also download a copy of our booking form to complete and return to us via email.

Q: How do I book with a voucher? 
A: If you have been given a voucher from a third party agent such as Red Letter Days or BuyAGift the simplest way to book is to visit our dedicated Third Party Voucher Redemption Page and complete the form there. If you have a gift voucher purchased with us directly, just get in touch and let us know the details of your voucher.

Q: Can I book bedding?
A: We pride ourselves on providing cost effective luxury glamping accommodation. To this end guests are given an option on bedding. If guests are on a tight budget they are welcome to bring their own bedding and bed linen. Alternatively we can supply this for you. Bedding includes an under sheet, duvet and duvet cover, pillow and pillow cover. There is a small per stay charge to cover the cost of laundry and dry cleaning. Single bedding is £12.50 per stay, double bedding is £17.50 per stay. Alternatively you can also book our new Deluxe glamping packages which come inclusive of bedding, a towel set for each guest plus logs, kindling, charcoal, firelighters and a packet of marshmallows to roast.

Q: I'm pregnant/have a new born or young child, is glamping suitable? 
A: Whilst we welcome families and have facilities such as family room/ baby changing etc, we want all our guests to be comfortable and enjoy their stay, as such it is important guests that are pregnant or have newborn/young children should be aware that camping plays a major part in glamping. You will need to walk to toilets and showers blocks and please remember you are sleeping outside under canvas. As pregnant ladies and those with newborn/young children have a higher chance of requiring medical treatment it is also important to note that we are at least an hour away from the nearest hospital.

Q: Can we put up our own gazebo/wind break etc?
A: Due to fire regulations we are required to have clear space between accommodation, as such we are unable to allow additional erections on the glamping site.

Q: Can we bring our own electric kettle, hair-dryer, hair straighteners, coffee machine...? 
A: Due to fire regulations we are not permitted to have unbranded electrical equipment used on site (generic copies of phone chargers bought from markets etc). The holiday park has a different level of electricity to a house, as such items that use large amounts of electricity quickly and produce surges such as something that is fast boiling or fast heating i.e. electric kettles, hair-dryers and hair straighteners can trip the circuits and turn off the power to your accommodation. All our accommodation includes a whistle kettle for use on the gas stove and hairdryers are also available in the toilet block and health club.

If you have any further questions not answered on this page, please feel free to contact us directly via email:

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