Video Tours of our Dorset holiday Accommodation

We are a family business and are now in our fourth generation of providing holidays. As such we know far to well how it can be complicated or difficult to arrange a family holiday. You have plenty of things to do during your busy schedule but you still need to make sure that accommodation is right for your family. We also understand that whilst a picture may speak a thousand words and text can tell you a lot, sometimes seeing something with your own eyes is the only way to answer questions that are important to you personally. "where is the socket for my child's night light", "is there space for the massive teddy bear they just won't sleep without" etc.

For this reason we have taken videos of our accommodation so that you can see a panorama of the interior for yourself.

Each video includes subtitles explaining what is in the accommodation as the camera pans round. If you have any specific questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bell Tent Video Tour

Dome Video Tour

Country Cabin Tour

Video Tour of a Yurt

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